# SDLink Discord Bot Permissions

Below is a brief description of each Discord permission that SDLink uses

Required Permissions:

  • Manage Channels
    • Allows for modifying the channel topic for player count and uptime information
  • Manage Webhooks
    • Currently unused, but to be used in a future update to allow the bot to create webhooks automatically
  • Read Messages/View Channels
    • Allows for messages to be read and sent from Discord -> Minecraft
  • Send Messages
    • Allows for messages to be sent from Minecraft -> Discord
  • Manage Messages
    • Allows the bot to edit/delete it's own messages: eg. /playerlist can auto delete the result
  • Embed Links
    • Allows for embed messages such as Join/Leave events.
  • Read Message History
    • Helps with reading messages
  • Use External Emojis
    • Allows for text emojis to be sent from Minecraft -> Discord: eg. Typing :rofl: in game will show up as 🤣 in discord chat
  • Use Slash Commands
    • Allows for / commands to be used in Discord. Eg, /playerlist to see the list of currently active players

Optional Permissions:

  • Manage Roles
    • Allows you to add a Discord Role to a player when they link their accounts
  • Ban Members
    • Allows you to enable a banlist sync which can ban Discord member if their linked MC user was banned in-game
  • Mention Everyone
    • Allows for in-game mentions to include @everyone