# Mod Overview

Simple Discord Link is a Minecraft mod that allows you to bridge the gap between your Minecraft and Discord server. With features like Chat Relay, Whitelisting, Linked commands and more, it's a must-have for anyone running a modded server.  

Some features include:

  • Minecraft to Discord and Discord to Minecraft Chat Relay
  • Server Console to Discord Relay
  • Executing Minecraft Commands from Discord
  • Access Control. Similar to Whitelisting
  • A Quick Server Status Overview
  • View active players on the server
  • Format chat between Minecraft and Discord
  • And many more features!

The Wiki should cover everything you need to know about configuring, installing or using the mod. If you find an issue, please open an ISSUE REPORT or if you need anything else, you are welcome to JOIN OUR DISCORD

You are allowed to include this mod in your modpack, BUT, all downloads have to go through our offical Modrinth and Curseforge pages. You are not allowed to re-upload the mod to any other sites.

You are free to clone the code and distribute the mod as your own, but I ask that you please change the name, and you are not allowed to use any of our official docs/resources, as those are licensed under ARR.

The artwork contained on this page is licensed under All Rights Reserved (by HypherionSA) and may not be re-used anywhere else, aside from our official Curse/Modrinth/Documentation pages. This license excludes the BisectHosting logo, which is licensed under their respective licenses