# SDLink Discord Bot Setup

# Enable Developer Mode

Although optional, it helps to enable "developer mode" before you add a bot

Go to your Discord Settings

Scroll through the side panel and select "Advanced" in the App Settings section

Toggle Developer Mode

# Creating the Bot

Go to https://discord.com/developers

Select "New Application" in the top right

Give it a name, Agree to the Discord EULA, and click "Create"

# Configuring the Bot (Bot Section)

# Build-A-Bot

In the Build-A-Bot Section click "Reset Token" to generate a private token. This is how SDLink knows which bot to send the commands to. Make a note of the token. once you leave this page, you won't be able to see it and will have to reset it again.


# Authorization Flow

Click on the INSTALLATION Tab on the left hand menu.

From there on the Installation page, disable User Install, keep Guild Install checked, and set the Install Link to NONE.

Now go back to the BOT section.

Disable the "PUBLIC BOT" flag. This will ensure that only YOU can add the bot to a server


# Privileged Gateway Intents

Ensure all options in "Privileged Gateway Intents" are checked. These are needed for the bot to function.

# OAuth2 URL Generator

Go to "OAuth2" and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Select "applications.commands" and "bot" in the SCOPES section.

In the BOT PERMISSIONS section, enable the following:

  • Manage Channels
  • Manage Webhooks
  • Read Messages/View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Read Message History
  • Use External Emojis
  • Use Slash Commands

Optionally you can enable:

  • Manage Roles
  • Ban Members
  • Mention Everyone

For more details on what each permission does: see SDLink Permissions Explained

Use the GENERATED URL at the bottom of the page to invite the bot to your discord channel