# Version 1.2

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ~status command failing to run
  • Fixed error with "say" and "me" command not running properly on some servers
  • Added missed ~unlink command to remove Discord -> MC account linking
  • Improved discord -> mc message relay. Should resolve past issues with messages not being relayed
  • Added an option to change the Webhook server name from "Minecraft Server" to a custom name
  • Fixed an issue with messages starting and ending with "" not being sent to discord


  • Removed ~stop command. Will be replaced with a better system in the future
  • Made discord invite link clickable in minecraft
  • Downgraded the minimum required fabric-loader version, since some mods are broken on newer versions
  • Messages sent from discord now also appear in the server log/console

Upgraded to support 1.19 snapshots